The company

TROMBER was born with the idea of offering a sustainable, ecological and safe alternative to people’s mobility. To that end we develop personal mobility vehicles for professional and industrial environments.

The work carried out by the team of professionals has resulted in a 100% electric multifunctional vehicle, based on a completely flexible modular mounting system, which allows the TROMBER 37 model to be adapted to each of the uses and sectors.

Our firm commitment to respect the environment and safety of our products encourages us to continue constantly developing new solutions.

Our vision identifies most of the work based on cleaning, control and safety, distribution and logistics tasks on large surfaces in an ergonomic and efficient work environment that allows to perform their functions with greater efficiency and comfort, in turn, raising the degree performance performance and employee satisfaction.

TROMBER’s mission is to give sustainability to performance in everything related to the health of the operator, and a substantial increase in the performance of these tasks, providing more sophisticated work tools and an agile mobilization, which allows adding value to traditional tasks.